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efl: add --with-profile=debug, make dev faster.
seems the debug of threads and stringshare could cause major slowdowns, then add another profile to produce debug. Changes: * dev: unlimited log. * debug: same as dev with debug malloc, threads and stringshare. SVN revision: 78120
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@@ -23,8 +23,9 @@ EFL build is based on "profiles". It will default to "dev" for
unreleased software and "release" for official tarballs. One can
change it with --with-profile=NAME, where NAME is one of:
- * dev: debug features, assert() and extra checks useful to test
- software.
+ * dev: extra checks useful to test software.
+ * debug: superset of dev, with debug features and assert().
* release: optimizations and less checks so it runs faster.