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edje - [Edje: Bug fix] NULL check is added before strcmp() in _edje_real_part_swallow() function
Hi, Can some one please verify and merge the attahed patch with open source svn Edje code. [Issue details :] NULL checking is not done before sending a string to strcmp(). In _edje_real_part_swallow() function of edje_util.c file, evas_object_type_get() API can return NULL and if this NULL value is directly passed to strcmp(), it causes a crash. [Issue fix :] NULL check is added for obj_type before passing it to strcmp(). Thanks & Regards, Sumanth Signed-Off-By: Sumanth Krishna (sumanth.m@samsung.com) SVN revision: 83393
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@@ -131,3 +131,4 @@ Fixes:
* Fixed pixman surface alloc where allocated and image size differ.
* Fixed x11 error sync issue with ecore_x_image_get()
* Fix evas gif loader to return the correct frame duration
+ * Prevent a crash even if an invalid object is swallowed into an edje object.