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ecore_evas/wayland_egl: Only render if last frame has been presented.
This avoids blocking in eglSwapBuffers and has the side effect of avoiding doing unnecessary work - painting where a frame won't be presented. We do this by using the event that the wayland compositor will send us to tell us that the frame has been presented. Due to the fact that evas_render_updates() could do no work and not cause a eglSwapBuffers we must always have a frame callback listener setup. Original patch by: Rob Bradford <rob@linux.intel.com> (I just adjusted the patch to the single efl tree) SVN revision: 83387
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@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ Improvements:
* edje entry: remove ecore_imf_context_reset, cursor update in mouse move event because it's useless.
* edje entry: move ecore_imf_context_cursor_position_set from mouse down event to mouse up event.
* Use ecore_audio in edje-multisense
+ * Ecore_Evas wayland-egl only renders now if last frame has been presented.
* Fix PPC (big endian) image codec bug.