path: root/e2fsck/recovery.c
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* Merge branch 'maint' into nextTheodore Ts'o2013-01-011-10/+2
| * Fix gcc -Wall nitsTheodore Ts'o2013-01-011-8/+0
| * build: quiet some "gcc -Wall" compiler warningsAndreas Dilger2012-12-291-2/+2
* | e2fsck: refactor crc32_be codeDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-3/+5
* | e2fsck: verify data block checksums when recovering journalDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-0/+32
* | e2fsck: check commit block checksum during recoveryDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-0/+33
* | e2fsck: check descriptor block checksum when recovering journalDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-1/+38
* | e2fsck: check revoke block checksum during recoveryDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-0/+24
* | libext2fs: change on-disk journal layout to support metadata checksummingDarrick J. Wong2012-08-021-3/+3
* e2fsck: fix 64-bit journal supportTheodore Ts'o2012-05-211-13/+12
* e2fsck: recover revoke blocks on 64bit filesystems correctlyDarrick J. Wong2011-10-081-2/+11
* Shorten compile commands run by the build systemTheodore Ts'o2011-09-181-0/+1
* e2fsprogs: fix type-punning warningsEric Sandeen2010-12-161-2/+4
* Fix gcc -Wall warnings in e2fsckTheodore Ts'o2008-06-071-2/+4
* e2fsck: Add support to check journal checksumsTheodore Ts'o2008-06-061-16/+162
* e2fsck: Fix potential data corruptor bug in journal recoveryTheodore Ts'o2008-05-201-83/+88
* Fix printf types (FreeBSD has u_long for ntohl).Matthias Andree2006-05-301-1/+1
* Fix memory leak in e2fsck's error pathsTheodore Ts'o2006-05-141-0/+1
* Fix format statements to make e2fsprogs programs 32-bit cleanTakashi Sato2006-03-181-1/+1
* recovery.c, jfs_user.h: Sync recovery.c with latest 2.5 kernelTheodore Ts'o2003-12-071-17/+16
* Fix e2fsck's handling of external journals,and update journal Theodore Ts'o2001-12-161-70/+75
* ChangeLog, jfs.h:Theodore Ts'o2001-06-081-1/+1
* ChangeLog, recovery.c:Theodore Ts'o2001-06-021-1/+1
* ChangeLog, recovery.c, revoke.c:Theodore Ts'o2001-03-291-5/+46
* Many files:Theodore Ts'o2001-01-061-4/+6
* Many files:Theodore Ts'o2000-12-091-141/+252
* Many files:Theodore Ts'o2000-08-141-0/+428