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+ To install the second extended file system management program,
+just follow the steps:
+1) Edit the file MCONFIG
+ This file contains definitions used in the various makefiles. These
+definitions have reasonable default value but you may want to adjust them to
+your system configuration.
+2) Create the dependencies files
+ Run `make depend' to create the dependencies files. Note that this
+is not strictly necessary since the makefiles automagically recreates them
+if they do not exist.
+3) Compile the programs
+ Run `make' to compile the libraries and the programs.
+4) Install the programs
+ Run `make install'
+5) Install the include files and libraries
+ You can run `make install-libs' to install the include files and
+libraries. Please note that this installation is not needed for the
+programs to work. It is only needed if you expect to develop other
+programs using the libraries.
+ You can run `make world' as an alternative to steps 2 and 3. This
+will create the dependencies files, compile the programs and run e2fsck on
+a test suite contained in e2fsck/images.