path: root/src/southbridge/amd/cimx_wrapper/sb800/late.c
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* Rename {CPU|NB|SB}/amd/*_wrapper foldersefdesign982011-06-221-445/+0
* ASRock E350M1: Configure SB800 GPP ports to support onboard pcie nicScott Duplichan2011-06-191-20/+11
* trivial remove blanks at the end of lineKerry She2011-06-011-2/+2
* This patch fix a AMD sb800 wrapper compile warning:Kerry She2011-06-011-6/+6
* cimx_wrapper/sb800: Fix indent in late.c:sb800_enable()Peter Stuge2011-05-161-7/+7
* Update gpp port configuration.Scott Duplichan2011-05-151-7/+7
* Program the I/O APIC ID.Scott Duplichan2011-05-151-0/+19
* Enable AHCI mode and hide IDE controller to reduce boot time.Scott Duplichan2011-05-151-2/+1
* This code provides southbridge initialization for SB800 south bridges. It is...Frank Vibrans2011-02-141-0/+436
* remove the code which is not ready to release.Zheng Bao2011-01-181-425/+0
* AMD SB800: Drop component prefix from filenames.Uwe Hermann2011-01-011-0/+425