path: root/src/soc/nvidia/tegra124/uart.c
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* Remove address from GPLv2 headersPatrick Georgi2015-05-211-1/+1
* arm(64): Manually clean up the mess left by write32() transitionJulius Werner2015-04-211-2/+2
* arm(64): Globally replace writel(v, a) with write32(a, v)Julius Werner2015-04-211-9/+9
* arm(64): Replace write32() and friends with writel()Julius Werner2015-04-211-10/+9
* uart: pass register width in the coreboot tableVadim Bendebury2015-04-171-0/+1
* tegra124: Change all SoC headers to <soc/headername.h> systemJulius Werner2015-04-081-1/+1
* uarts: 32/64 cleanupRonald G. Minnich2014-10-161-1/+1
* tegra124/nyan: display, clock, and other updatesJulius Werner2014-09-131-0/+2
* tegra124: return the UART base address based on indexIsaac Christensen2014-09-081-2/+11
* tegra124: add custom uartGabe Black2014-08-291-0/+137