path: root/src/northbridge/rdc
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* kbuild: automatically include northbridgesStefan Reinauer2015-04-292-1/+4
* kconfig: drop intermittend forwarder filesStefan Reinauer2015-04-071-1/+0
* CBMEM: Tag chipsets with LATE_CBMEM_INITKyösti Mälkki2015-01-271-0/+1
* northbridge,Makefile.inc: Trivial - drop trailing blank lines at EOFEdward O'Callaghan2014-07-171-1/+0
* CBMEM northbridges: Remove references to global high_tables_baseKyösti Mälkki2013-09-111-3/+1
* Set PCI bus operations at buildtime for ramstageKyösti Mälkki2013-07-111-1/+1
* GPLv2 notice: Unify all files to just use one space in »MA 02110-1301«Paul Menzel2013-03-012-2/+2
* Drop CONFIG_WRITE_HIGH_TABLESStefan Reinauer2013-02-281-5/+0
* sconfig: rename pci_domain -> domainStefan Reinauer2013-02-141-1/+1
* Remove assembly coded log2 functionRonald G. Minnich2012-11-281-1/+0
* Get rid of drivers classPatrick Georgi2012-11-271-1/+1
* Remove chip.h files without config structureKyösti Mälkki2012-10-072-24/+0
* Auto-declare chip_operationsKyösti Mälkki2012-08-221-1/+0
* Clean up #ifsPatrick Georgi2012-05-081-2/+2
* Add the support for RDC R8610 NorthbridgeRudolf Marek2012-03-276-0/+185