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* New mechanism to define SRAM/memory map with automatic bounds checkingJulius Werner2015-04-061-79/+0
* build system: run linker scripts through the preprocessorPatrick Georgi2015-04-061-1/+0
* arch/arm: drop extra commentPatrick Georgi2015-03-281-2/+0
* CBMEM console: Fix and enhance pre-RAM supportKyösti Mälkki2015-01-271-1/+1
* arm: Add support for a preram_cbmem_console symbol.Gabe Black2014-12-151-0/+2
* arm: Have the linker garbage-collect unused functions and variablesJulius Werner2014-09-221-6/+6
* arm: Remove CAR_MIGRATE Kconfig and associated cruftJulius Werner2014-09-151-30/+1
* ARM: Generalize armv7 as arm.Gabe Black2014-09-081-0/+109