path: root/payloads/nvramcui
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* nvramcui: don't init curses too earlyLubomir Rintel2015-02-251-18/+19
* nvramcui: fix a buffer overflowLubomir Rintel2015-02-251-1/+1
* nvramcui: don't wait for the first key update to render the formLubomir Rintel2015-02-251-1/+3
* nvramcui: drop unused variableLubomir Rintel2015-02-251-1/+0
* nvramcui: Trim values when setting.Vladimir Serbinenko2014-01-191-0/+4
* GPLv2 notice: Unify all files to just use one space in »MA 02110-1301«Paul Menzel2013-03-011-1/+1
* Add nvramcuiPatrick Georgi2012-11-192-0/+254