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+coreboot POST Codes
+This is an (incomplete) list of POST codes emitted by coreboot v4.
+0x10 Entry into protected mode
+0x01 Entry into 'crt0.s' reset code jumps to here
+0x11 Start copying coreboot to RAM with decompression if compressed
+0x12 Copy/decompression finished jumping to RAM
+0x80 Entry into coreboot in RAM
+0x13 Entry into c_start
+0xfe Pre call to hardwaremain()
+0x39 Console is initialized
+0x40 Console boot message succeeded
+0x66 Devices have been enumerated
+0x88 Devices have been configured
+0x89 Devices have been enabled
+0xf8 Entry into elf boot
+0xf3 Jumping to payload
+Errors (used in several places):
+0xee Not supposed to get here
+0xff Elfload fail or die() called