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Drop drivers/generic/debug
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@@ -337,22 +337,6 @@ That's it for the BSP I/O and HT busses. Now we begin the AP busses. Not much he
- end # domain
-# chip drivers/generic/debug
-# device pnp 0.0 off end # chip name
-# device pnp 0.1 on end # pci_regs_all
-# device pnp 0.2 off end # mem
-# device pnp 0.3 off end # cpuid
-# device pnp 0.4 off end # smbus_regs_all
-# device pnp 0.5 off end # dual core msr
-# device pnp 0.6 off end # cache size
-# device pnp 0.7 off end # tsc
-# end
-This is a trick used to debug by creating entries in the device tree.
\subsection{cpu socket}
The CPU socket is the key link from mainboard to its CPUs. Since many models of CPU can go in a socket, the mainboard mentions only