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* cifs-utils: fix some sparse warningsJeff Layton2013-07-181-17/+10
* cifsidmap: clean up comments on API descriptionJeff Layton2013-01-071-7/+7
* cifs-utils: fix cifsidmap.h commentJeff Layton2013-01-021-4/+1
* cifs-utils: convert cifs.idmap to use plugin interfaceJeff Layton2012-12-191-3/+72
* cifs-utils: convert setcifsacl to use the plugin interfaceJeff Layton2012-12-191-3/+20
* cifs-utils: new plugin architecture for ID mapping codeJeff Layton2012-12-191-0/+45
* cifs-utils: struct cifs_sid definition to new cifsidmap.h headerJeff Layton2012-12-191-0/+37