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authorPaulo Alcantara <paulo.alcantara@openbossa.org>2012-05-09 14:27:37 -0300
committerPaulo Alcantara <paulo.alcantara@openbossa.org>2012-05-22 00:06:15 -0300
commit6510f97bf14b056a878eec3b57fad506453cc537 (patch)
treeb4867a570ba5c2f8b94a66ecfb8694eb0371c498 /src/storage.h
parentcf0976ac78c91765fd7c862822cfaebc7cf1741a (diff)
storage: Store address type in "ccc" file
Addressing types can be either BR/EDR, BLE public or BLE random so the entries in the "ccc" file did not contain enough information to distinguish which addressing type it's supposed to be. Entries will now contain both address number and address type as a single key in every entry in the file.
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diff --git a/src/storage.h b/src/storage.h
index 31f4da70..5660fcfd 100644
--- a/src/storage.h
+++ b/src/storage.h
@@ -90,10 +90,10 @@ char *read_device_characteristics(const bdaddr_t *sba, const bdaddr_t *dba,
int write_device_attribute(const bdaddr_t *sba, const bdaddr_t *dba,
uint16_t handle, const char *chars);
int read_device_attributes(const bdaddr_t *sba, textfile_cb func, void *data);
-int read_device_ccc(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer, uint16_t handle,
- uint16_t *value);
-int write_device_ccc(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer, uint16_t handle,
- uint16_t value);
+int read_device_ccc(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer, uint8_t bdaddr_type,
+ uint16_t handle, uint16_t *value);
+int write_device_ccc(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer, uint8_t bdaddr_type,
+ uint16_t handle, uint16_t value);
void delete_device_ccc(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer);
int write_longtermkeys(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer, const char *key);
gboolean has_longtermkeys(bdaddr_t *local, bdaddr_t *peer);