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All that is displayed is a timeout message.
+MENU HIDDENKEY key[,key...] command...
+ If they key used to interrupt MENU HIDDEN is <key>, then
+ execute the specified command instead of displaying the menu.
+ Currently, the following key names are recognized:
+ Backspace, Tab, Enter, Esc, Space, F1..F12, Up, Down, Left,
+ Right, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Insert, Delete
+ ... in addition to all single characters plus the syntax ^X
+ for Ctrl-X. Note that single characters are treated as case
+ sensitive, so a different command can be bound to "A" than
+ "a". One can bind the same command to multiple keys by giving
+ a comma-separated list of keys:
+ menu hiddenkey A,a key_a_command
Clear the screen when exiting the menu, instead of leaving the