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* macros.s: handle HUGE sectionsH. Peter Anvin2019-08-021-0/+3
* With my most recent patch, gas can now generate SEG16 relocationsH. Peter Anvin2019-07-291-2/+11
* Fix the computation optional memory requestedH. Peter Anvin2019-07-291-2/+3
* exe.ld: allow programs to request optional memoryH. Peter Anvin2019-07-291-13/+18
* exe.ld: don't pick up relocation sections prematurelyH. Peter Anvin2019-07-281-12/+8
* exe.ld: clean up and fix the dynamic tagsH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-18/+12
* exe.ld: clean up indentationH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-66/+71
* Use dynamic tags from the OS-specific space for additional infoH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-13/+43
* Add size checks, explain the nature of ___stack_size in .comH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-0/+4
* Make -pie linking actually work; use ___start for initial symbolH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-13/+38
* Set OUTPUT_ARCH to i8086, even though it doesn't seem to change anythingH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-1/+1
* exe.ld: document why PSP is at 0xfff00 instead of -256H. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-0/+8
* Some initial sample codeH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-0/+128