BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
avx512AVX-512: Fix bugs related to uninitialized variablesJin Kyu Song8 years
branch-0_98-jNASM 0.98-j4H. Peter Anvin19 years
branch-0_98-j5NASM 0.98-j5H. Peter Anvin19 years
branch-0_98_24-gasalignNASM 0.98.24p1H. Peter Anvin19 years
branch-0_98bfNASM 0.98bfH. Peter Anvin19 years
branch-0_98eNASM 0.98eH. Peter Anvin19 years
buildfix-2.03rc4Makefile/dependency updatesH. Peter Anvin13 years
ctypeReplace external dependencies on <ctype.h> with an internal tableH. Peter Anvin5 years
defidpreproc: add %[i]defid supportKeith Kanios12 years
elfbytesex: more endianness detection hacksH. Peter Anvin4 years
elf16elf16: WIP: support for 16-bit segmented relocations in ELF32H. Peter Anvin3 years
elfmergeMerge branch 'master' into elfmergeH. Peter Anvin5 years
evalmacropreproc: add %i... variants, evaluated macro parameters, cleanupsH. Peter Anvin2 years
evalstrevalstr: add helper functions to compute expressions from a stringH. Peter Anvin3 years
extnamespreproc: add %(i)defid, fix %(i)deftok code manglingH. Peter Anvin (Intel)3 years
indirecttest/ppindirect.asm: test token pasting inside %[...]H. Peter Anvin13 years
insnsinsns: Fixup MOV[APS|UPS] for xmmrm casesCyrill Gorcunov11 years
latexdoc: latex -- Initial importCyrill Gorcunov2 years
loopspreproc: %while ... %endwhile loopH. Peter Anvin22 months
macho64outmacho64.c: Add PC-Relative GOT support and perform general code cleanup.Keith Kanios12 years
machofixoutmac64.c: Fix memory clobber bug, clean up memory freeH. Peter Anvin5 years
machomergerdflib: actually get the timeH. Peter Anvin5 years
masterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nasm-2.15.xx'H. Peter Anvin (Intel)13 months
mempoollabels.c: use mempool allocator in labels.cH. Peter Anvin3 years
mkwarningswarnings: define warning classes at point of useH. Peter Anvin (Intel)3 years
nasm-0.98.xAdd VMX instructions.Eric Christopher15 years
nasm-2.03.xdoc: add missing nasmdoc.txt targetH. Peter Anvin13 years
nasm-2.05.xxtest/popcnt.asm: simple test for the POPCNT instructionH. Peter Anvin13 years
nasm-2.07.xxBR 2826669: update licensing information in READMEH. Peter Anvin12 years
nasm-2.08.xxchanges.src: update with the 2.08.xx changesH. Peter Anvin11 years
nasm-2.09.xxNASM-2.09.10Cyrill Gorcunov10 years
nasm-2.10.xxcoff: Better handling of section redefinitionMarat Dukhan8 years
nasm-2.11.xxNASM 2.11.08Cyrill Gorcunov6 years
nasm-2.12.xxassemble.c: only warn for an absolute address on pass 2H. Peter Anvin4 years
nasm-2.13.xxversion: bump to 2.13.04rc0 until we have an actual -rcH. Peter Anvin3 years
nasm-2.14.xxMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nasm-2.14.xx' into nasm-2.14.xxH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2 years
nasm-2.15.xxNASM 2.15.02rc2H. Peter Anvin (Intel)13 months
nasm-2.15.xx-predoc: Update for upcoming 2.15 releaseAndrey Matyukov15 months
new-preprocMerge branch 'master' into new-preprocH. Peter Anvin9 years
newaddr64-bit addressing and prefix handling changesH. Peter Anvin14 years
notepreproc: add new %note directiveH. Peter Anvin (Intel)3 years
nsisnsis: make nsis output automatically select architectureH. Peter Anvin5 years
nsis2New NSIS scriptCyrill Gorcunov12 years
owcmake: Lift up openwcom.mak for build on FreeDOSAnthony Williams11 years
pathAdd __PATH__ supportKeith Kanios10 years
pp-inlinepreprocessor: major cleanups; inline text into TokenH. Peter Anvin22 months
pragmainitial branch of %pragma supportKeith Kanios10 years
preproc-paste-fixMake -Ox the defaultH. Peter Anvin11 years
preproc-rewritepreproc.c: fix %?/%?? support and address memory leaksKeith Kanios11 years
reldefMake it possible to generate PC-relative relocations in dataH. Peter Anvin5 years
signrelassemble: Only treat a displacement as signed if it is < asizeH. Peter Anvin8 years
sse5Slightly optimize the interface to nasm_token_hash()H. Peter Anvin14 years
travisci: First tryCyrill Gorcunov3 years