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* error: replace nasm_verror() indirection with preproc callbackH. Peter Anvin2019-08-281-8/+9
* errors: be more robust in handling unexpected fatal errorsH. Peter Anvin2019-08-281-2/+8
* Move <string.h> inclusion to compiler.hH. Peter Anvin2018-12-261-1/+0
* errors: change the severity parameter from "int" to "errflags"H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2018-12-131-1/+1
* rdoff.c: one more unsafe use of fread()H. Peter Anvin2017-04-171-1/+5
* rdoff: use nasm-provided safe memory allocation and I/OH. Peter Anvin2017-04-171-22/+29
* Merge branch 'nasm-2.12.xx'Cyrill Gorcunov2016-07-271-1/+1
| * Add explicit void parameter to newmembuf() function declaration.bcallah@devio.us2016-07-141-1/+1
* | lib: split library into stdlib and nasmlib; header handling fixesH. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-1/+0
* Add missing static declarations in rdoff/rdoff.cH. Peter Anvin2014-11-251-6/+6
* Add new copyright headers to the rdoff codeH. Peter Anvin2009-06-281-8/+33
* regularized spelling of license to match name of LICENSE fileBeroset2007-12-291-1/+1
* BR 1834056: Remove warnings in rdoff/rdoff.cH. Peter Anvin2007-11-181-6/+6
* Formatting: kill off "stealth whitespace"H. Peter Anvin2007-10-191-3/+3
* Portability fixesH. Peter Anvin2007-10-021-0/+2
* c99 printf/fprintf compliance.Keith Kanios2007-04-141-2/+2
* Fixed distinction between char and int8_t data types.Keith Kanios2007-04-131-8/+8
* Remove obsolete types; add <inttypes.h> where needed; header fixesH. Peter Anvin2007-04-121-8/+8
* Fixed c99 support for RDOFF ToolsKeith Kanios2007-04-121-0/+1
* General push for x86-64 support, dubbed 0.99.00.Keith Kanios2007-04-121-32/+32
* Apply Nindent to all .c and .h filesnasm-0.98.39LATESTH. Peter Anvin2005-01-151-255/+262
* outrdf2.c now uses the same definitions of RDOFF2 format that RDOFF utils.Yuri Zaporogets2004-09-151-206/+249
* Update rdoffFrank Kotler2003-12-121-0/+2
* Yuri's 12/3/2002 rdoff patches-Frank Kotler2002-12-041-24/+26
* RDOFF patch from Yuri Zaporogets:H. Peter Anvin2002-05-041-1/+1
* NASM 0.98.22nasm-0.98.22H. Peter Anvin2002-04-301-4/+2
* NASM 0.98.08nasm-0.98.08H. Peter Anvin2002-04-301-3/+23
* NASM 0.98nasm-0.98fork-0.98bfH. Peter Anvin2002-04-301-121/+235
* NASM 0.94nasm-0.94H. Peter Anvin2002-04-301-11/+41
* NASM 0.91nasm-0.91H. Peter Anvin2002-04-301-0/+367