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* Mkfiles: remove unsupported Mkfiles/netware.makH. Peter Anvin2017-04-031-371/+0
* Add generic perfect string hashes, use for directivesH. Peter Anvin2017-04-031-76/+85
* Run "make alldeps"H. Peter Anvin2017-03-081-3/+3
* Add a generic pragma-handling infrastructureH. Peter Anvin2017-03-071-0/+4
* asm/*: Move directive processing to its own file, refactor error handlingH. Peter Anvin2017-03-071-70/+80
* Rename directiv.c to directbl.c to free up the name directiv.cH. Peter Anvin2017-03-071-2/+2
* make clean: clean up more things that ought to beH. Peter Anvin2017-03-011-0/+3
* Run make alldepsH. Peter Anvin2017-02-281-1/+4
* Makefile: move all non-main objects into libnasm.aH. Peter Anvin2017-02-281-20/+22
* nasmlib/file: move memory-mapping functions out of file.cH. Peter Anvin2017-02-231-2/+4
* Move canned OpenWatcom config to config/watcom.h.H. Peter Anvin2016-10-191-123/+135
* Run make alldepsH. Peter Anvin2016-10-141-2/+2
* alldeps: handle uses of full pathnames, e.g. "config/config.h"H. Peter Anvin2016-10-061-129/+158
* Factor out common string list handling codeH. Peter Anvin2016-10-041-62/+69
* backend: move wrapper for legacy output functions to a library routineH. Peter Anvin2016-09-241-3/+5
* Run make alldepsH. Peter Anvin2016-08-161-85/+140
* Reorganize the source code into subdirectoriesH. Peter Anvin2016-05-251-155/+106
* nasmlib: break up nasmlib.c into logical componentsH. Peter Anvin2016-05-251-13/+31
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nasm-2.12.xx'H. Peter Anvin2016-05-161-1/+3
| * Use a hash to keep exactly one copy of each filename aroundH. Peter Anvin2016-05-101-1/+2
* | out: Elf -- Merge Elf32, Elfx32 and Elf64 into single fileCyrill Gorcunov2016-04-241-14/+2
* | lib: split library into stdlib and nasmlib; header handling fixesH. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-91/+97
* | Move version strings to a separate headerH. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-9/+10
* | Makefiles: use actual archive managersH. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-14/+17
* | Move file I/O related functions out of nasmlib.cH. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-1/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nasm-2.12.xx'H. Peter Anvin2016-03-081-1/+1
| * Makefiles: run "make alldeps"H. Peter Anvin2016-03-071-3/+3
| * Change nasmlist/ListGen to lfmt/struct lfmtH. Peter Anvin2016-03-071-6/+6
* | Change nasmlist/ListGen to lfmt/struct lfmtH. Peter Anvin2016-02-181-6/+6
* | Makefile: remove explicit mention of lib/strlcpy.cH. Peter Anvin2016-02-181-3/+2
* outmacho: rename outmac.c to outmacho.cH. Peter Anvin2016-02-121-3/+4
* Merge the macho32 and macho64 (outmac32/64) backendsH. Peter Anvin2016-02-121-8/+3
* make alldeps to remove unnecessary dependencies for realpath.cH. Peter Anvin2016-01-261-3/+1
* Portability improvements to nasm_realpath()H. Peter Anvin2016-01-261-1/+11
* Run "make alldeps" to add missing header file dependenciesH. Peter Anvin2014-11-251-7/+7
* "make alldeps"H. Peter Anvin2013-11-241-25/+29
* "make alldeps"H. Peter Anvin2013-11-241-7/+11
* make: Update depsCyrill Gorcunov2013-11-241-26/+28
* iflag: Start using new instruction flags engineCyrill Gorcunov2013-11-241-2/+3
* Run "make alldeps" to update dependenciesH. Peter Anvin2013-10-241-39/+46
* preproc: Move NOP preprocessor into separate fileCyrill Gorcunov2012-05-071-1/+4
* backend: add support for x32 ELFH.J. Lu2012-02-031-0/+4
* Rename filenames to 8.3 formatH. Peter Anvin2010-06-151-61/+58
* Add generic ilog2 functionsH. Peter Anvin2010-04-211-2/+5
* make: Update pecoff.h related depsCyrill Gorcunov2010-04-211-1/+1
* Mkfiles: Add depends on stabs.h for Elf outputCyrill Gorcunov2010-01-031-2/+2
* Run "make alldeps"H. Peter Anvin2009-11-301-50/+55
* Merge elf header filesCyrill Gorcunov2009-11-061-3/+3
* Add strlcpy() functionH. Peter Anvin2009-08-101-9/+9
* Run make alldepsH. Peter Anvin2009-07-181-11/+11