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* preproc.c: fix %?/%?? support and address memory leakspreproc-rewriteKeith Kanios2010-11-061-40/+46
* preproc.c: added support for REP_LIMITKeith Kanios2010-11-061-4/+12
* preproc.c: fixed spacing/tabs since from last commitKeith Kanios2010-11-061-10/+10
* preproc.c: manual merge with changes in master branchKeith Kanios2010-11-061-126/+190
* preproc.c: fixed error handling within PP_ENDIFKeith Kanios2010-10-011-0/+1
* preproc.c: deprecated implicit/automatic context-local label expansion to out...Keith Kanios2010-08-091-1/+1
* preproc.c: fixed macro-relative line number handling for warning/error/fatalKeith Kanios2010-08-091-6/+22
* insns.dat: copied over from masterKeith Kanios2010-08-091-1/+1
* preproc.c: fixed line number handlingKeith Kanios2010-08-091-37/+49
* preproc.c: fixed label:macro and %00 handlingKeith Kanios2010-08-061-65/+92
* version: changed version to 2.10rc1 (unofficial/tentative)Keith Kanios2010-08-051-1/+1
* preproc.c: removed obsolete "dead branch" checking from error()Keith Kanios2010-08-021-8/+0
* macros.pl: added single-quote sanitizer to charcify subroutine, thanks Bryant...Keith Kanios2010-08-011-0/+2
* preproc.c: corrected error message for %endcommentKeith Kanios2010-08-011-1/+1
* preproc.c: added support for %while/%endwhile/%exitwhile, %comment/%endcommen...Keith Kanios2010-08-012-5/+220
* preproc.c: completed deprecation of MMacro structureKeith Kanios2010-08-011-39/+17
* preproc.c: initial branch of revamped preprocessorKeith Kanios2010-08-011-698/+758
* elf: Move stabs symbol table format into outelf.hCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-303-16/+9
* nasmlib.c: fix typo in nasm_init_malloc_errorCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-291-1/+1
* NASM 2.09rc5nasm-2.09rc5Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-281-1/+1
* doc: Updates on macro rangesCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-281-4/+4
* labels.c: cleanupCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-282-91/+78
* Get rid of misc/altreg.incCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-281-72/+0
* doc: Explain SECTALIGNCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-282-1/+21
* doc: Fix ..sym section name misprintCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-271-1/+1
* assemble.c: Style nitfixCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-261-915/+916
* Revert "Improve process_ea and introduce -OL"H. Peter Anvin2010-07-257-143/+72
* nasm.h: move "regs.h" to top; make is_register() a boolH. Peter Anvin2010-07-251-5/+3
* move is_register helper to nasm.hCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-252-7/+6
* Use is_register helperCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-251-14/+8
* regs.pl: Introduce is_register() helperCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-251-0/+7
* Remove redundant sentence in docsVictor van den Elzen2010-07-241-2/+1
* Improve process_ea and introduce -OLVictor van den Elzen2010-07-247-72/+144
* doc: Update changes.srcCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-231-0/+3
* preproc.: Fix NULL dereference on broken %strlen argumentCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-232-1/+6
* preproc: allow non-identifier character in environment variablesH. Peter Anvin2010-07-204-35/+125
* changes.src: Fix misprint in "instructions" word.Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-171-1/+1
* nasmdoc: we still miss Chuck, but...H. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-1/+0
* Merge branch 'nasm-2.08.xx'H. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-0/+10
| * changes.src: update with the 2.08.xx changesnasm-2.08.xxH. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-0/+10
| * NASM 2.08.02nasm-2.08.02Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-101-1/+1
| * preproc.c: Fix NULL deref on token pastingCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-101-1/+3
| * NASM 2.08.01nasm-2.08.01Victor van den Elzen2010-03-101-1/+1
* | NASM 2.09rc4nasm-2.09rc4H. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-1/+1
* | Make -Ox the defaultpreproc-paste-fixH. Peter Anvin2010-07-153-6/+19
* | Documentation: describe %ifenv and friendsBryant Keller2010-07-132-0/+11
* | preproc: add %ifenvH. Peter Anvin2010-07-132-1/+23
* | BR3028880: Revert to nonfatal, better error message, cleanupH. Peter Anvin2010-07-131-4/+6
* | Update changes.srcCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-0/+2
* | BR3028880: Make nonexistent environment variable being fatal errorCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-5/+3