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* Make -Ox the defaultpreproc-paste-fixH. Peter Anvin2010-07-153-6/+19
* Documentation: describe %ifenv and friendsBryant Keller2010-07-132-0/+11
* preproc: add %ifenvH. Peter Anvin2010-07-132-1/+23
* BR3028880: Revert to nonfatal, better error message, cleanupH. Peter Anvin2010-07-131-4/+6
* Update changes.srcCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-0/+2
* BR3028880: Make nonexistent environment variable being fatal errorCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-5/+3
* Check in test for BR3028880Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-0/+6
* BR3028880: Fix NULL dereference on nonexistent environment variableCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-4/+7
* tokenize: Fix wrong string index in indirect stringsCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-1/+1
* preproc: Extract reading line from predefined macros from read_lineCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-60/+83
* Documentation updatesCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-132-11/+16
* No need for \n at __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ macro endCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-1/+1
* Merge branches 'master' and 'preproc-paste-fix'Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-133-18/+16
| * BR3026808: Assign to local preprocessor variable does not work in 2.09Cyrill Gorcunov2010-07-131-1/+0
| * NASM 2.09rc3nasm-2.09rc3H. Peter Anvin2010-07-091-1/+1
| * preproc.c: Fix NULL deref on token pastingCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-101-1/+3
| * preproc: add another test caseCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-091-0/+12
| * preproc: don't paste TOK_PREPROC_IDH. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-1/+1
| * Revert "BR3005117: Expland local single macro before pasting tokens"H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-26/+0
| * Revert "expand_mmac_params: Don't forget to handle TOK_OTHER"H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-2/+1
| * Revert "expand_mmac_params: Expand local single macros unconditionally"H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-1/+6
| * Revert "expand_mmac_params: Expand local single macros unconditionally"H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-1/+8
* | nasmdoc: remove obsolete Sourceforge referencesH. Peter Anvin2010-07-091-3/+3
* Check in test case from bug report br3005117H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-0/+24
* br3026808: add test caseH. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-0/+18
* insns: add FXSAVE64/FXRSTOR64, drop np prefixH. Peter Anvin2010-07-071-7/+9
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git/nasmH. Peter Anvin2010-07-071-14/+26
| * insns.dat: add XSAVE/XRSTOR64, XSAVEOPT, VCVTPH2PS/VCVTPS2PHH. Peter Anvin2010-07-071-14/+26
* | insns.dat: remove VCVTPH2PS/VCVTPS2PH as AMD instructionsH. Peter Anvin2010-07-061-10/+2
* NASM 2.09rc2nasm-2.09rc2H. Peter Anvin2010-07-061-1/+1
* doc: Update changes.srcCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-071-0/+34
* insns.dat: fix CPU flags for new instructionsH. Peter Anvin2010-07-061-9/+9
* Add RD*SBASE, WR*SBASE, RDRAND from AVX v7H. Peter Anvin2010-07-062-0/+35
* outbin: Cleanup bin_cleanupCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-061-5/+7
* outbin: Simplify reverse address computingCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-061-2/+2
* BR3025702: outbin -- Fix byte orderingCyrill Gorcunov2010-07-061-2/+2
* doc: inslist.src is an intermediate file, move to "make clean"H. Peter Anvin2010-06-251-1/+2
* BR 3020760: insns.dat -- confirm push imm32 on x86-64 explicitlyCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-251-0/+1
* preproc.c: Get rid of signed/unsigned comparison warningCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-201-2/+2
* BR 3018233: handle LFS, LGS and LSS with a 64-bit registerH. Peter Anvin2010-06-181-1/+4
* openwcom.mak: drop /f from delete commandsH. Peter Anvin2010-06-151-30/+30
* Rename filenames to 8.3 formatH. Peter Anvin2010-06-1511-324/+316
* expand_mmac_params: Expand local single macros unconditionallyCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-081-8/+1
* expand_mmac_params: Expand local single macros unconditionallyCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-081-6/+1
* outobj: handle compilers without 64-bit switch() supportH. Peter Anvin2010-06-071-1/+5
* outelf32: handle compilers without 64-bit switch() supportH. Peter Anvin2010-06-071-14/+22
* NASM 2.09rc1nasm-2.09rc1Cyrill Gorcunov2010-06-061-1/+1
* nasmdoc: Document macro parameters rangeCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-051-1/+43
* expand_mmac_params_range: Simplify conditionCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-051-4/+2
* preproc.c: Fix argument indices checking in parameters rangeCyrill Gorcunov2010-06-051-2/+4