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* labels.c: use mempool allocator in labels.cmempoolH. Peter Anvin2018-06-031-194/+80
* mempool: define standard mempools, fixes to the mempool allocatorH. Peter Anvin2018-06-035-66/+131
* mempool: simple/fast "free all at once" memory allocatorH. Peter Anvin2018-06-035-0/+377
* gcc: fix mistakes discovered by recent gccH. Peter Anvin2018-06-022-2/+3
* gcc: newer gcc trip on -Wstringop-truncation for valid uses of strncpy()H. Peter Anvin2018-06-021-0/+3
* asm/directiv.c: fix bug in perm_alloc()H. Peter Anvin2018-06-012-4/+14
* macho: Turn off OFMT_KEEP_ADDRH. Peter Anvin2018-06-011-2/+2
* Cleanup of label renaming infrastructure, add subsection supportH. Peter Anvin2018-06-0121-522/+500
* test: add test for subsections via symbolsH. Peter Anvin2018-05-301-4/+2
* Add support for backend-defined subsections and label hacksH. Peter Anvin2018-05-3018-32/+203
* pragma.c: make the generic "output" and "debug" pragma namespaces workH. Peter Anvin2018-05-302-2/+52
* configure.ac: add -fvisibility=hidden if supportedH. Peter Anvin2018-05-301-0/+6
* malloc: simplify nasm_malloc code, add nasm_strcatn()H. Peter Anvin2018-05-305-22/+85
* Revert "output: macho -- Check the actual size of 64-bit absolute address"H. Peter Anvin2018-05-081-2/+1
* Fix implicit fallthrough that trips -WerrorH. Peter Anvin2018-05-082-2/+6
* assemble: Check global line limitChang S. Bae2018-05-051-1/+6
* output: macho -- Avoid conversion of addresses to RAWDATAChang S. Bae2018-05-053-10/+15
* output: macho -- Check the actual size of 64-bit absolute addressChang S. Bae2018-05-051-1/+2
* output: codeview -- change version number writtenFabian Giesen2018-04-201-4/+16
* Revert "compiler: Add fallthrough() helper"Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-253-40/+0
* Revert "Use fallthrough() to placate compiler"Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-252-3/+1
* Revert "aclocal.m4: Use Werror in PA_CHECK_FALLTHROUGH_ATTRIBUTE"Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-251-1/+0
* aclocal.m4: Use Werror in PA_CHECK_FALLTHROUGH_ATTRIBUTECyrill Gorcunov2018-02-251-0/+1
* insns.dat: Update UD0 encoding to fit the specificationCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-251-1/+4
* output: macho -- Add support for N_PEXT in macho outputMatthieu Darbois2018-02-251-5/+36
* Use fallthrough() to placate compilerCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-252-1/+3
* compiler: Add fallthrough() helperCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-253-0/+40
* output: outobj -- Fix typo in obj_initCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-251-1/+1
* output: elf,ieee,macho,obj -- Fix mofule name for commit 81b62b9f54ac8e4019a9...Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-254-0/+4
* get_cpu: Fix a7ecf2646d6c80b994be7d340140379d580050cfCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-251-0/+2
* compiler: Fix typo in 6686fc6Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-241-1/+1
* openwcom.mak: use \ as path separatorsH. Peter Anvin2018-02-221-153/+153
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git/nasmH. Peter Anvin2018-02-2216-284/+524
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nasm-2.13.xx'H. Peter Anvin2018-02-203-1/+81
| |\
| | * version: bump to 2.13.04rc0 until we have an actual -rcnasm-2.13.xxH. Peter Anvin2018-02-141-1/+1
| | * insns.dat: add aliases of the RET instruction with explicit operand sizeH. Peter Anvin2018-02-143-1/+81
| * | Fix problem with C99 inlines and -Werror=missing-prototypesH. Peter Anvin2018-02-204-10/+49
| * | Merge branch 'nasm-2.13.xx'Cyrill Gorcunov2018-02-101-3/+1
| |\|
| | * nasmlib: Drop pure_func attrib from seg_allocCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-101-1/+1
| | * nasmlib: Drop unused seg_initCyrill Gorcunov2018-02-101-2/+0
| * | asm: allow abort on panic to be specified at runtimeH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-54/+54
| * | Merge tag 'nasm-2.13.03'H. Peter Anvin2018-02-079-217/+341
| |\|
| | * NASM 2.13.03nasm-2.13.03H. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-1/+1
| | * doc: some more documentation on 64-bit programmingH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-7/+14
| | * doc: clarify need for ABS QWORD to do a 64-bit absolute loadH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-1/+1
| | * doc: add a bit more text about 64-bit immediates and pointersH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-1/+19
| | * NASM 2.13.03rc6nasm-2.13.03rc6H. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-1/+1
| | * doc/changes.src: add missing blank line between bullet pointsH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-0/+1
| | * vaesenc.asm: add a few more test casesH. Peter Anvin2018-02-071-1/+17
| | * NASM 2.13.03rc5nasm-2.13.03rc5H. Peter Anvin2018-02-061-1/+1