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* Makefile/dependency updatesnasm-2.03rc4buildfix-2.03rc4H. Peter Anvin2008-06-045-22/+33
* NASM 2.03rc4H. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-1/+1
* Update CHANGESH. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-0/+3
* nasmdoc: document %substr, `...`H. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-15/+47
* Fix bug where the WinHelp backend corrupts the internal dataH. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-4/+5
* qstring: fix unquoting in %pathsearch directiveH. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-2/+2
* qstring: backquoted strings seem to work now...H. Peter Anvin2008-06-015-48/+113
* qstring: first cut at full quoted string support in the preprocessorH. Peter Anvin2008-06-016-267/+545
* qstring: add nasm_unquote() supporting `...`H. Peter Anvin2008-06-011-0/+205
* doc: Single section for all the date/time macrosH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-33/+27
* doc: fix __UTC_DATE__ and __UTC_TIME__ descriptionH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-5/+4
* incbin: use the macro name itself as context nameH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-1/+1
* Update CHANGESH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-0/+3
* Add missing %rotate directive to the FLOAT macro.H. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-0/+1
* incbin definition: use %?H. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-1/+1
* Document %pathsearch and %dependH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-7/+51
* Introduce %depend and %pathsearch, and make incbin a macroH. Peter Anvin2008-05-306-111/+140
* stdscan.c: clarify commentH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-1/+1
* preproc.c: %include: use expand_smacros() not expand_smacros_in_string()H. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-2/+1
* doc: consistent capitalization (and indexing!) of INCBINH. Peter Anvin2008-05-301-1/+1
* Add the -MP option to emit phony targetsH. Peter Anvin2008-05-295-68/+137
* Add new options to CHANGESH. Peter Anvin2008-05-291-0/+1
* NASM 2.03rc3nasm-2.03rc3H. Peter Anvin2008-05-291-1/+1
* Document the new dependency options.H. Peter Anvin2008-05-291-0/+38
* Implement -MD, -MF, -MT, -MQH. Peter Anvin2008-05-293-26/+177
* preproc.c: get_ctx() can return NULL...H. Peter Anvin2008-05-291-5/+4
* Missing % in %ifmacroH. Peter Anvin2008-05-281-1/+1
* hash user allocates struct hash_tableH. Peter Anvin2008-05-284-37/+42
* Merge commit 'autotest/master'H. Peter Anvin2008-05-2754-124/+417
| * Add automation to avx test.Victor van den Elzen2008-05-211-0/+3
| * Configure tests to be performed automaticallyVictor van den Elzen2008-05-2152-124/+278
| * Add automated testing scriptVictor van den Elzen2008-05-211-0/+136
* | tokhash.pl: fix commentH. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-1/+1
* | regs.pl: add include guards to generated header filesH. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-3/+9
* | make alldepsH. Peter Anvin2008-05-275-5/+5
* | regs.pl: regdis.h needs "extern"; minor cleanupsH. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-9/+10
* | NASM 2.03rc2nasm-2.03rc2H. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-1/+1
* | insns.dat: whitespace cleanupH. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-1/+1
* | Fix double 66 prefixes on INVEPT/INVVPID (BR 1956955)H. Peter Anvin2008-05-271-2/+2
* | doc: document Win32/64 SEH extensionsAndy Polyakov2008-05-271-0/+333
* | outcoff.c: remove dead code, add check for imagerelAndy Polyakov2008-05-271-10/+4
* | avx.bin: clean up screwy whitespaceH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-2/+1
* | VCVTPD2PS, VCVTPD2DQ, VCVTTPD2DQ mem need explicit op size (BR 1974170)H. Peter Anvin2008-05-262-6/+31
* | Fix parameters to VCVTPD2DQ (BR 1974159)H. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-1/+1
* | regs.pl: add comments to regflags.c and regvals.cH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-6/+9
* | Fix register numbers for ymm1-15!H. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-1/+1
* | ndisasm: the high bit of is4 bytes is ignored in 32-bit modeH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-3/+4
* | macros.pl: more readable commentsH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-5/+5
* | Add some comments to the output of macros.plH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-2/+6
* | preproc.c: prevent the compiler from reducing enum pp_token_typeH. Peter Anvin2008-05-261-1/+2