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+Subject: Re: [nasm-devel] P4 insns
+Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 11:39:36 -0500
+From: Kyle Markley <kmarkley@seffera.net>
+Reply-To: nasm-devel@yahoogroups.com
+To: nasm-devel@yahoogroups.com
+berkus wrote:
+> Use The Source, NASM!
+> Do we have the P4 'probable branch taken' (3e) and 'probable branch
+> not taken' (2e) prefixes opcodes?
+They're just segment override prefixes: 2e is CS, 3e is DS. You can just
+"cs jnz foo" for a not-taken hint, "ds jnz foo" for a taken hint.
+Maybe it would be nice to have a more suggestive name, but you could just
+%define one.
+Kyle Markley
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