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\S{opt-O} The \i\c{-O} Option: Specifying \i{Multipass Optimization}
Using the \c{-O} option, you can tell NASM to carry out different
-levels of optimization. The syntax is:
+levels of optimization. Multiple flags can be specified after the
+\c{-O} options, some of which can be combined in a single option,
+e.g. \c{-Oxv}.
\b \c{-O0}: No optimization. All operands take their long forms,
if a short form is not specified, except conditional jumps.
@@ -764,6 +766,9 @@ levels of optimization. The syntax is:
releases, the letter \c{x} may also be any number greater than
one. This number has no effect on the actual number of passes.
+\b \c{-Ov}: At the end of assembly, print the number of passes
+ actually executed.
The \c{-Ox} mode is recommended for most uses, and is the default
since NASM 2.09.