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@@ -2,22 +2,34 @@ This is a modified version of NASM, modified and released by H. Peter
Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>; it is not the original form released by the
NASM authors.
+For release 0.98p3.3:
-For release
+* Patch from Conan Brink to allow nesting of %rep directives.
+* If we're going to allow INT01 as an alias for INT1/ICEBP (one of
+ John's J4 changes), then we should allow INT03 as an alias for INT3
+ as well.
+* Updated changes.asm to include the latest changes.
+* Tried to clean up the <CR>s that had snuck in from a DOS/Windows
+ environment into my Unix environment, and try to make sure than
+ DOS/Windows users get them back.
+* We would silently generate broken tools if insns.dat wasn't sorted
+ properly. Change insns.pl so that the order doesn't matter.
+* Fix bug in insns.pl (introduced by me) which would cause conditional
+ instructions to have an extra "cc" in disassembly, e.g. "jnz"
+ disassembled as "jccnz".
+For release 0.98p3.2:
* Merged in John S. Fine's changes from his 0.98-J4 prerelease; see
* Changed previous "spotless" Makefile target (appropriate for distribution)
to "distclean", and added "cleaner" target which is same as "clean"
except deletes files generated by Perl scripts; "spotless" is union.
* Removed BASIC programs from distribution. Get a Perl interpreter
instead (see below.)
* Calling this "pre-release 3.2" rather than "p3-hpa2" because of
John's contributions.
* Actually link in the IEEE output format (zoutieee.c); fix a bunch of
compiler warnings in that file. Note I don't know what IEEE output
is supposed to look like, so these changes were made "blind".
@@ -27,17 +39,16 @@ For release 0.98p3-hpa:
* Merged nasm098p3.zip with nasm-0.97.tar.gz to create a fully
buildable version for Unix systems (Makefile.in updates, etc.)
* Changed insns.pl to create the instruction tables in nasm.h and
names.c, so that a new instruction can be added by adding it *only*
to insns.dat.
* Added the following new instructions: SYSENTER, SYSEXIT, FXSAVE,
FXRSTOR, UD1, UD2 (the latter two are two opcodes that Intel
guarantee will never be used; one of them is documented as UD2 in
Intel documentation, the other one just as "Undefined Opcode" --
calling it UD1 seemed to make sense.)
+* MAX_SYMBOL was defined to be 9, but LOADALL286 and LOADALL386 are 10
+ characters long. Now MAX_SYMBOL is derived from insns.dat.
* A note on the BASIC programs included: forget them. insns.bas is
already out of date. Get yourself a Perl interpreter for your
platform of choice at: