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@@ -9,35 +9,22 @@ since 2007.
\S{cl-2.13.02} Version 2.13.02
-\b Fix buffer overflow in specially malformed preprocessor
- token directive.
-\b Fix null dereference in case if data missed with implicit
- pasting preprocessor mode.
-\b Fix null dereference in conditional preprocessing.
-\b Fix null dereference in malformed multiline and singleline
- macros arguments.
-\b Fix accessing of arbitrary memory on unterminated strings in
- prepocessor mode.
\b Fix false positive in testing of numeric overflows.
\b Fix generation of \c{PEXTRW} instruction.
-\b Fix \c{smartalign} package which can trigger an error during
- compiling if alignment code grows too big.
+\b Fix \c{smartalign} package which could trigger an error during
+ optimization if the alignment code expanded too much due to
+ optimization of the previous code.
\b Fix a case where negative value in \c{TIMES} directive causes
- panic while error should be printed instead.
+ panic instead of an error.
\b Always finalize \c{.debug_abbrev} section with a null in
\c{dwarf} output format.
\b Support \c{debug} flag in section attributes for \c{macho}
- output format.
+ output format. See \k{machosect}.
\b Support up to 16 characters in section names for \c{macho}
output format.
@@ -59,7 +46,7 @@ since 2007.
\b Fix generation of dependency lists.
-\b Fix several memory allocation errors.
+\b Fix a number of null pointer reference and memory allocation errors.
\b Always generate symbol-relative relocations for the \c{macho64}
output format; at least some versions of the XCode/LLVM linker fails
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@@ -5672,6 +5672,8 @@ comma. The following flags can also be specified:
\b \c{strip_static_syms} - strip static symbols for this section
+\b \c{debug} - this section contains debugging information
\b \c{align=}\e{alignment} - specify section alignment
The default is \c{data}, unless the section name is \c{__text} or