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The NASM 2 series supports x86-64, and is the production version of NASM
since 2007.
+\S{cl-2.13.02} Version 2.13.02
+\b Fix the incorrect generation of VEX-encoded instruction when static
+ mode decorators are specified on scalar instructions, losing the
+ decorators as they require EVEX encoding.
+\b Option \c{-MW} to quote dependency outputs according to Watcom
+ Make conventions instead of POSIX Make conventions. See \k{opt-MW}.
+\b The \c{obj} output format now contains embedded dependency file
+ information, unless disabled with \c{%pragma obj nodepend}. See
+ \k{objdepend}.
+\b Fix generation of dependency lists.
+\b Fix several memory allocation errors.
+\b Always generate symbol-relative relocations for the \c{macho64}
+ output format; at least some versions of the XCode/LLVM linker fails
+ for section-relative relocations.
\S{cl-2.13.01} Version 2.13.01
\b Fix incorrect output for some types of \c{FAR} or \c{SEG}
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\IR{-MP} \c{-MP} option
\IR{-MQ} \c{-MQ} option
\IR{-MT} \c{-MT} option
+\IR{-MW} \c{-MW} option
\IR{-O} \c{-O} option
\IR{-P} \c{-P} option
\IR{-U} \c{-U} option
@@ -518,6 +519,15 @@ each header file. This prevents Make from complaining if a header
file has been removed.
+\S{opt-MW} The \i\c{-MW} Option: Watcom Make quoting style
+This option causes NASM to attempt to quote dependencies according to
+Watcom Make conventions rather than POSIX Make conventions (also used
+by most other Make variants.) This quotes \c{#} as \c{$#} rather than
+\c{\\#}, uses \c{&} rather than \c{\\} for continuation lines, and
+encloses filenames containing whitespace in double quotes.
\S{opt-F} The \i\c{-F} Option: Selecting a \i{Debug Information Format}
This option is used to select the format of the debug information
@@ -531,9 +541,8 @@ A complete list of the available debug file formats for an output
format can be seen by issuing the command \c{nasm -f <format> -y}. Not
all output formats currently support debugging output. See \k{opt-y}.
-This should not be confused with the \c{-f dbg} output format option which
-is not built into NASM by default. For information on how
-to enable it when building from the sources, see \k{dbgfmt}.
+This should not be confused with the \c{-f dbg} output format option,
+see \k{dbgfmt}.
\S{opt-g} The \i\c{-g} Option: Enabling \i{Debug Information}.
@@ -5188,6 +5197,14 @@ also supports default-\c{WRT} specification like \c{EXTERN} does
\c common baz 24:wrt data:6
+\S{objdepend} Embedded File Dependency Information
+Since NASM 2.13.02, \c{obj} files contain embedded dependency file
+information. To suppress the generation of dependencies, use
+\c %pragma obj nodepend
\H{win32fmt} \i\c{win32}: Microsoft Win32 Object Files
The \c{win32} output format generates Microsoft Win32 object files,
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@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ sub get_para($_) {
$para = undef;
if (/\S/) {
- s/\\#.*$//; # strip comments
+ s/(^|[^\\])\\#.*$/\1/; # strip comments
$para .= " " . $_;