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doc: 2.14 change log
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The NASM 2 series supports x86-64, and is the production version of NASM
since 2007.
+\S{cl-2.14} Version 2.14
+\b Fixed \c{subsections_via_symbols} for \c{macho} object format.
+\b Support to mangle labels based on the types through \c{%pragma}. See
+\b Added \c{--gprefix}, \c{--gpostfix}, \c{--lprefix}, and \c{--lpostfix}
+that allows commandline base symbol mangling. See \k{opt-pfix}.
+\b Supported generic \c{%pragma} namespaces, \c{output} and \c{debug}. See
+\b Added \c{--pragma} argument as \c{%pragma} option. See \k{opt-pragma}.
+\b Added \c{--before} to accept preprocess statement before input. See \k{opt-before}.
+\b Added \c{AVX512} \c{VBMI2} (Additional Bit Manipulation), \c{VNNI} (Vector
+Neural Network), \c{BITALG} (Bit Algorithm), and \c{GFNI} (Galois Field New
+Instruction) instructions.
+\b Support \c{STATIC} directive. See \k{static}.
+\b Support \c{private_extern} as \c{macho} specific extension to the
+\c{GLOBAL} Directive. See \k{macho-pext}.
+\b Updated \c{UD0} encoding to match with the specification
+\b Added \c{--limit-X} to set execution limit. See \k{opt-limit}.
+\b Fixed \c{CPU} directive case insensitive
+\b Fixed modules name for \c{ELF}, \c{IEEE}, \c{macho}, \c{obj} output format
+\b Fixed to build \c{rdoff} tool and resolve to handle dependencies correctly
+with \c{Microsoft Visual Studio}
+\b Fixed \c{Codeview} version number to be aligned with \c{NASM}’s
+\b Fixed to assign (internal) segment number correctly and efficiently
+\b Added \c{--keep-all}. See \k{opt-keep-all}.
+\b Added \c{--include} that is an alias to -P (\k{opt-p}).
+\b Added \c{--help} as an alias to -h (\k{syntax}).
\S{cl-2.13.04} Version 2.13.04
\b Added \c{-W}, \c{-D}, and \c{-Q} suffix aliases for \c{RET}
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@@ -5851,7 +5851,7 @@ non-Mach-O builds of the same source code:
\c %pragma macho no_dead_strip symbol...
-\S{machosect} \c{macho} specific extensions to the \c{GLOBAL}
+\S{macho-pext} \c{macho} specific extensions to the \c{GLOBAL}
Directive: \i\c{private_extern}
The directive extension to \c{GLOBAL} marks the symbol with limited