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preproc: command-line preproc directive after system-generated
BR 3392527: make sure that all command-line specified preprocessing directives are processed after the system-generated ones. In particular __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ was generated after command line pass 2, at which point -p, -d, -u, --pragma and --before had already been processed. There is no reason to split up defined_macros() anymore: the right place to execute it is simply between command line passes 1 and 2. We can also set dfmt here, which lets us define a __DEBUG_FORMAT__ macro as well. Finally move some options that have no business being processed in pass 2 to pass 1. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
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@@ -3898,9 +3898,9 @@ mode-dependent macros.
\S{ofmtm} \i\c{__OUTPUT_FORMAT__}: Current Output Format
-The \c{__OUTPUT_FORMAT__} standard macro holds the current Output Format,
-as given by the \c{-f} option or NASM's default. Type \c{nasm -hf} for a
+The \c{__OUTPUT_FORMAT__} standard macro holds the current output
+format name, as given by the \c{-f} option or NASM's default. Type
+\c{nasm -hf} for a list.
\c %ifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__, win32
\c %define NEWLINE 13, 10
@@ -3908,6 +3908,15 @@ list.
\c %define NEWLINE 10
\c %endif
+\S{dfmtm} \i\c{__DEBUG_FORMAT__}: Current Debug Format
+If debugging information generation is enabled, The
+\c{__DEBUG_FORMAT__} standard macro holds the current debug format
+name as specified by the \c{-F} or \c{-g} option or the output format
+default. Type \c{nasm -f} \e{output} \c{y} for a list.
+\c{__DEBUG_FORMAT__} is not defined if debugging is not enabled, or if
+the debug format specified is \c{null}.
\S{datetime} Assembly Date and Time Macros