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\H{unix64} Interfacing to 64-bit C Programs (Unix)
-On Unix, the 64-bit ABI is defined by the document:
+On Unix, the 64-bit ABI as well as the x32 ABI (32-bit ABI with the
+CPU in 64-bit mode) is defined by the documents at:
Although written for AT&T-syntax assembly, the concepts apply equally
well for NASM-style assembly. What follows is a simplified summary.
@@ -7786,9 +7787,9 @@ Integer and SSE register arguments are counted separately, so for the case of
\H{win64} Interfacing to 64-bit C Programs (Win64)
-The Win64 ABI is described at:
+The Win64 ABI is described by the document at:
What follows is a simplified summary.