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preproc: add %i... variants, evaluated macro parameters, cleanupsevalmacro
All directives which create single-line macros now have %i... variants to define case-insensitive versions. Case insensitive rather sucks, but at least this way it is consistent. Single-line macro parameters can now be evaluated as a number, as done by %assign. To do so, declare a parameter starting with =, for example: %define foo(x,=y) mov [x],macro_array_y ... would evaluate y as a number but leave x as a string. NOTE: it would arguably be better to have this as a per-instance basis, but it is easily handled by having a secondary macro called with the same argument twice. Finally, add a more consistent method for defining "magic" macros, which need to be evaluated at runtime. For now, it is only used by the special macros __FILE__, __LINE__, __BITS__, __PTR__, and __PASS__. __PTR__ is a new macro which evaluates to word, dword or qword matching the value of __BITS__. The magic macro framework, however, provides a natural hook for a future plug-in infrastructure to hook into a scripting language. Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>
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## --------------------------------------------------------------------------
-## Copyright 1996-2016 The NASM Authors - All Rights Reserved
+## Copyright 1996-2019 The NASM Authors - All Rights Reserved
## See the file AUTHORS included with the NASM distribution for
## the specific copyright holders.
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