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* Move the test keyrings into the test/ directoryH. Peter Anvin2011-10-134-0/+0
* test: add test with an xz payloadH. Peter Anvin2011-10-041-0/+0
* Drop server-side format detection; add timeoutsH. Peter Anvin2011-10-0414-16/+16
* test: make sure pathname length is measured in bytesH. Peter Anvin2011-10-011-0/+258
* test: a few more tests for invalid pathnamesH. Peter Anvin2011-10-013-0/+67
* test: test for overlong pathnamesH. Peter Anvin2011-10-011-0/+258
* test: Make sure we reject really long filenamesH. Peter Anvin2011-10-011-0/+22
* test: make sure we do not allow dot filesH. Peter Anvin2011-10-011-0/+22
* Test a few variations of DATA not being well-formed text filesH. Peter Anvin2011-09-262-0/+21
* test/[12]: put real signatures inH. Peter Anvin2011-09-262-4/+36
* Handle generation of diff files from git treesH. Peter Anvin2011-09-261-0/+21
* Add test casesH. Peter Anvin2011-09-266-0/+113