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* resolv/nss_dns/dns-host.c (getanswer_r): Lower the priority of warnings when DNSSEC related records are received. * resolv/gethnamaddr.c (getanswer): Likewise. Patch by Brian Wellington <bwelling@anomaly.munge.com>. * signal/signal.h: Add prototype for sysv_signal. * math/libm-test.c (tgamma_test): Remove redundant tests. * posix/glob.h: Add GLOB_TILDE_CHECK. * sysdeps/generic/glob.c: Implement GLOB_TILDE_CHECK. * posix/globtest.c: Add option T to enable GLOB_TILDE_CHECK. * posix/globtest.sh: Re-enable test with ~ and non-existing user name.
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@@ -466,7 +466,26 @@ user name after the tilde character. So the contents of user
glob ("~homer/bin/*", GLOB_TILDE, NULL, &result)
@end smallexample
-This functionality is equivalent to what is available in C-shells.
+If the user name is not valid or the home directory cannot be determined
+for some reason the pattern is left untouched and itself used as the
+result. I.e., if in the last example @code{home} is not available the
+tilde expansion yields to @code{"~homer/bin/*"} and @code{glob} is not
+looking for a directory named @code{~homer}.
+This functionality is equivalent to what is available in C-shells if the
+@code{nonomatch} flag is set.
+@comment glob.h
+@comment GNU
+If this flag is used @code{glob} behaves like as if @code{GLOB_TILDE} is
+given. The only difference is that if the user name is not available or
+the home directory cannot be determined for other reasons this leads to
+an error. @code{glob} will return @code{GLOB_NOMATCH} instead of using
+the pattern itself as the name.
+This funcationality is equivalent to what is available in C-shells if
+@code{nonomatch} flag is not set.
@comment glob.h
@comment GNU