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This is a minimal patch to remove _BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE from the documented user API, making them into aliases for _DEFAULT_SOURCE with a #warning given, but keeping most of the features.h logic using those macros and all the exising __USE_* conditionals, on the basis that all the consequent cleanups will go in followup patches. Tested x86_64. * include/features.h: Update comment documenting feature test macros. [_BSD_SOURCE || _SVID_SOURCE]: Give #warning. Define _DEFAULT_SOURCE. * manual/creature.texi (_BSD_SOURCE): Remove documentation. (_SVID_SOURCE): Likewise. (_DEFAULT_SOURCE): Update description of default features. (Feature Test Macros): Don't mention _SVID_SOURCE in conjunction with _GNU_SOURCE. * manual/filesys.texi (__ftw_func_t): Do not refer to _BSD_SOURCE. (S_ISVTX): Likewise. * manual/math.texi (Mathematical Constants): Likewise. * manual/signal.texi (Interrupted Primitives): Likewise. * manual/startup.texi (putenv): Do not refer to _SVID_SOURCE. * math/test-matherr.c (_SVID_SOURCE): Do not define. * sysvipc/sys/ipc.h [__USE_SVID && !__USE_XOPEN && __GNUC__ >= 2]: Don't refer to _SVID_SOURCE in warning text.
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@@ -2141,16 +2141,9 @@ that handler will cause @code{EINTR}. @xref{Flags for Sigaction}.
Another way to specify the choice is with the @code{siginterrupt}
function. @xref{BSD Handler}.
-@c !!! not true now about _BSD_SOURCE
When you don't specify with @code{sigaction} or @code{siginterrupt} what
a particular handler should do, it uses a default choice. The default
-choice in @theglibc{} depends on the feature test macros you have
-defined. If you define @code{_BSD_SOURCE} or @code{_GNU_SOURCE} before
-calling @code{signal}, the default is to resume primitives; otherwise,
-the default is to make them fail with @code{EINTR}. (The library
-contains alternate versions of the @code{signal} function, and the
-feature test macros determine which one you really call.) @xref{Feature
-Test Macros}.
+choice in @theglibc{} is to make primitives fail with @code{EINTR}.
@cindex EINTR, and restarting interrupted primitives
@cindex restarting interrupted primitives
@cindex interrupting primitives