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* libio/stdio.h: Make fseeko and ftello prototypes available is __USE_LARGEFILE. Patch by Paul Eggert <eggert@twinsun.com>. * sysdeps/generic/dl-environ.c (unsetenv): Follow change to the real unsetenv implementation from 1999-07-29 [PR libc/1714]. 2000-05-03 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/dcigettext.c (dcigettext): Do the defaulting of 'domainname' before calling tfind. 2000-03-05 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com> * resolv/resolv.h (res_querydomain): Remove redefinition to __res_querydomain (reported by Owen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com>). 2000-05-03 Ulrich Drepper <drepper@redhat.com> * po/gl.po: Update from translation team. * manual/intro.texi (Program Basics): Change section title. * manual/process.texi: Fix reference. (Executing a File): Add reference exec in other section. * manual/signal.texi: Fix reference. * manual/startup.texi: Document syscall function. Patches by Bryan Henderson <bryanh@giraffe-data.com>. 2000-04-29 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/libintl.h (bind_textdomain_codeset): New declaration. * intl/bindtextdom.c (set_binding_values): New function. (bindtextdomain): Call it. (bind_textdomain_codeset): New function. * intl/dcigettext.c (dcigettext): Pass binding to _nl_find_domain. (free_mem): Free each binding's codeset. * intl/gettextP.h (struct binding): Add codeset field. (_nl_find_domain): Add domainbinding argument. * intl/finddomain.c (_nl_find_domain): Add domainbinding argument. Pass it to _nl_make_l10nflist. * intl/loadinfo.h (struct loaded_l10nfile): Add domainbinding field. (_nl_make_l10nflist): Add domainbinding argument. * intl/l10nflist.c (_nl_make_l10nflist): Add domainbinding argument. * intl/loadmsgcat.c (_nl_load_domain): Look at the domainbinding's codeset when determining outcharset. If !_LIBC && HAVE_ICONV, call locale_charset(). * manual/message.texi: New node "Charset conversion in gettext". 2000-04-30 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * catgets/open_catalog.c (__open_catalog): Use __builtin_expect where appropriate. Handle possible __read error. 2000-04-29 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/gettextP.h (__builtin_expect): Define as empty if not a compiler builtin. * intl/loadinfo.h (__builtin_expect): Likewise. * intl/dcigettext.c (dcigettext, _nl_find_msg): Use __builtin_expect where appropriate. * intl/loadmsgcat.c (_nl_load_domain): Likewise. * intl/localealias.c (extend_alias_table): Return an error indicator. (read_alias_file): Bail out if extend_alias_table fails. 2000-04-29 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/loadmsgcat.c: Define _GNU_SOURCE as early as possible. * intl/localealias.c: Likewise. 2000-05-01 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/loadmsgcat.c (_nl_load_domain): Initialize domain->conv_tab. Initialize domain->plural and domain->nplurals even if there is no nullentry. 2000-05-01 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/dcigettext.c (_nl_find_msg): Terminate __gconv loop if return value is == __GCONV_OK or == __GCONV_EMPTY_INPUT, not != __GCONV_OK. In case of failure, goto converted. 2000-05-01 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * wcsmbs/wcsmbsload.c (norm_add_slashes): Move away. * iconv/gconv_int.h (norm_add_slashes): Move to here. * intl/loadmsgcat.c (_nl_load_domain): Normalize strings passed to __gconv_open. 2000-04-29 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> * intl/dcigettext.c (transcmp): Compare the domains as well. (dcigettext): Call strlen (msgid1) after testing msgid1 against NULL, not before. * intl/loadmsgcat.c (_nl_load_domain): Deal with EINTR. Include <errno.h>. 2000-05-03 Ulrich Drepper <drepper@redhat.com>
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-@node Signal Handling, Process Startup, Non-Local Exits, Top
+@node Signal Handling, Program Basics, Non-Local Exits, Top
@c %MENU% How to send, block, and handle signals
@chapter Signal Handling