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1997-08-04 15:29 Ulrich Drepper <drepper@cygnus.com> * locale/programs/localedef.c (main): Set bit in avail for those categories which are successfully read. * locale/programs/locfile.c (check_all_categories): Don't check categories if they are not available. (write_all_categories): Don't write categories if they are not available. * login/setutent_r.c (setutent_unknown): Change return type to int and return result of called function. * manual/arith.texi: Mark floating-point test macro from ISO C 9X as macros (not functions). * manual/libc.texinfo (UPDATED): Update. * manual/math.texi: Document exceptions, functions to handle exceptions, mathematical constants, FP comparison functions and several new functions from ISO C 9X. Change parameter of drand48, lrand48, and mrand48 to void (not empty). * manual/pattern.texi: Remove paragraph which explained that wordexp is executed by running a shell. * manual/time.texi: Explain difficulties with strftime if the functions returns 0 and no error occurred. * math/math.h: Correct comment for some M_* constants. (isgreater, isgreaterequal, isless, islessequal, islessgreater, inunordered): Rewrite to make sure the arguments are evaluated exactly once. * nis/rpcsvc/nis.x: Undo last change. * nis/rpcsvc/nis.h: Likewise. * nis/rpcsvc/nislib.h: File moved back to here. * posix/sys/types.h: Don't define socklen_t. Pretty print. * socket/sys/socket.h (bind, getsockname, connect, sendto, recvfrom, getsockopt, setsockopt, accept): Change size argument to type socklen_t. Pretty print. * manual/socket.texi: Describe socklen_t and change prototypes of socket functions to use socklen_t. * sysdeps/generic/bits/socket.h: Define socklen_t. (struct msghdr): Correct types to use socklen_t. * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/bits/socket.h: Likewise. * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/mips/bits/socket.h: Likewise. * stdio-common/printf_fp.c (__printf_fp): Correct rouding of number 1.0 < x < 8.0. * stdio-common/tfformat.c: Add new tests for above bug. * stdlib/strtod.c: Fix typo. * string/Makefile (headers): Add bits/string.h. (CFLAGS-*): Add -D__NO_STRING_INLINES. * string/string.h: Include <bits/string.h> if optimizing and __NO_STRING_INLINES is not defined. * sysdeps/stub/bits/string.h: New file. * sysdeps/powerpc/bits/fenv.h: Fix typos. * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/if_index.c: Let functions return ENOSYS if SIOGIFINDEX is not defined. * sysdeps/wordsize-32/inttypes.h: Pretty print. * sysdeps/wordsize-64/inttypes.h: Pretty print. * termios/cfsetspeed.c: Rewrite loop to do what it shall do. * wcsmbs/Makefile (tests): Add tst-wcstof. * wcsmbs/tst-wcstof.c: New file. 1997-08-01 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * sysdeps/m68k/__longjmp.c: Replace call to abort by infinite loop, to avoid dragging stdio into the dynamic linker. 1997-08-02 19:44 H.J. Lu <hjl@gnu.ai.mit.edu> * nis/nis_findserv.c (xid, xid_seed, xid_lookup): Make them u_int32_t. 1997-08-03 Andreas Jaeger <aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de> * posix/wordexp.c (parse_tilde): Fix calls to __getpwnam_r and __getpwuid_r. Include <stdio.h> to get prototypes of *printf. (exec_comm): Remove unneeded variable *sh. * libc.map: Add wordexp, wordfree. * posix/Makefile (routines): Add wordexp. 1997-08-03 Andreas Jaeger <aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de> * posix/wordexp.c: Correct typo in comment. (wordexp): Likewise. * manual/errno.texi (Error Codes): Fix typo. 1997-08-03 15:28 Ulrich Drepper <drepper@cygnus.com> * csu/initfini.c (SECTION): Don't put quotes around section name since this is not understood by all assemblers. Patch by Klaus Espenlaub <kespenla@hydra.informatik.uni-ulm.de>.
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@@ -1202,9 +1202,6 @@ expand_and_execute (const char *program, const char *options)
@end smallexample
-In practice, since @code{wordexp} is executed by running a subshell, it
-would be faster to do this by concatenating the strings with spaces
-between them and running that as a shell command using @samp{sh -c}.
@c No sense finishing this for here.