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@c %MENU% Matching shell ``globs'' and regular expressions
@chapter Pattern Matching
-The GNU C Library provides pattern matching facilities for two kinds of
+@Theglibc{} provides pattern matching facilities for two kinds of
patterns: regular expressions and file-name wildcards. The library also
provides a facility for expanding variable and command references and
parsing text into words in the way the shell does.
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ returns the nonzero value @code{FNM_NOMATCH}. The arguments
The argument @var{flags} is a combination of flag bits that alter the
details of matching. See below for a list of the defined flags.
-In the GNU C Library, @code{fnmatch} cannot experience an ``error''---it
+In @theglibc{}, @code{fnmatch} cannot experience an ``error''---it
always returns an answer for whether the match succeeds. However, other
implementations of @code{fnmatch} might sometimes report ``errors''.
They would do so by returning nonzero values that are not equal to
@@ -668,7 +668,7 @@ type @code{glob64_t} which were allocated by @code{glob64}.
@node Regular Expressions
@section Regular Expression Matching
-The GNU C library supports two interfaces for matching regular
+@Theglibc{} supports two interfaces for matching regular
expressions. One is the standard POSIX.2 interface, and the other is
what the GNU system has had for many years.