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Clean up glibc manual references to "GNU system" (bug 6911).
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@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ savestring (const char *ptr, size_t len)
@end smallexample
The block that @code{malloc} gives you is guaranteed to be aligned so
-that it can hold any type of data. In the GNU system, the address is
+that it can hold any type of data. On @gnusystems{}, the address is
always a multiple of eight on most systems, and a multiple of 16 on
64-bit systems. Only rarely is any higher boundary (such as a page
boundary) necessary; for those cases, use @code{memalign},
@@ -614,7 +614,7 @@ after calling @code{free} wastes memory. The size threshold for
@cindex alignment (with @code{malloc})
@pindex stdlib.h
The address of a block returned by @code{malloc} or @code{realloc} in
-the GNU system is always a multiple of eight (or sixteen on 64-bit
+@gnusystems{} is always a multiple of eight (or sixteen on 64-bit
systems). If you need a block whose address is a multiple of a higher
power of two than that, use @code{memalign}, @code{posix_memalign}, or
@code{valloc}. @code{memalign} is declared in @file{malloc.h} and
@@ -2295,7 +2295,7 @@ the one you would get from an infinite recursion; probably a
segmentation violation (@pxref{Program Error Signals}).
-Some non-GNU systems fail to support @code{alloca}, so it is less
+Some @nongnusystems{} fail to support @code{alloca}, so it is less
portable. However, a slower emulation of @code{alloca} written in C
is available for use on systems with this deficiency.
@end itemize