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committerJoseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com>2015-10-26 22:46:04 +0000
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Remove support for removing glibc 2.0 headers.
There is a configure test for the presence of glibc 2.0 headers (that were renamed / no longer installed in glibc 2.1) and associated support for removing them on "make install". Normal practice for subsequent removal / renaming of installed files has been not to do anything special about removing them; if you want installed files from an old installation removed reliably, you need to use a packaging system that tracks what files were installed by a previous glibc package (via installing in an intermediate directory with install_root). I think it's been long enough since 2.0 that it's not particularly useful to have that special logic for those old headers either; this patch removes it. Tested for x86_64 and x86 (testsuite, and that installed shared libraries are unchanged by the patch). * configure.ac (old_glibc_headers): Remove configure test. * configure: Regenerated. * config.make.in (old-glibc-headers): Remove variable. * Makefile [!$(install_root) && $(old-glibc-headers) = yes] (install): Remove dependency on remove-old-headers. (headers2_0): Remove variable. (remove-old-headers): Remove rule.
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index b2dd771a197..8ab0dbcb75b 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -418,30 +418,3 @@ FORCE:
iconvdata/% localedata/% po/%: FORCE
-# glibc 2.0 contains some header files which aren't used with glibc 2.1
-# anymore.
-# These rules should remove those headers
-ifeq (,$(install_root))
-ifeq ($(old-glibc-headers),yes)
-install: remove-old-headers
-headers2_0 := __math.h bytesex.h confname.h direntry.h elfclass.h \
- errnos.h fcntlbits.h huge_val.h ioctl-types.h \
- ioctls.h iovec.h jmp_buf.h libc-lock.h local_lim.h \
- mathcalls.h mpool.h nan.h ndbm.h posix1_lim.h \
- posix2_lim.h posix_opt.h resourcebits.h schedbits.h \
- selectbits.h semaphorebits.h sigaction.h sigcontext.h \
- signum.h sigset.h sockaddrcom.h socketbits.h stab.def \
- statbuf.h statfsbuf.h stdio-lock.h stdio_lim.h \
- syscall-list.h termbits.h timebits.h ustatbits.h \
- utmpbits.h utsnamelen.h waitflags.h waitstatus.h \
- xopen_lim.h gnu/types.h sys/ipc_buf.h \
- sys/kernel_termios.h sys/msq_buf.h sys/sem_buf.h \
- sys/shm_buf.h sys/socketcall.h sigstack.h
-.PHONY: remove-old-headers
- rm -f $(addprefix $(inst_includedir)/, $(headers2_0))