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authorBrooks Moses <bmoses@google.com>2013-10-03 10:38:14 -0700
committerBrooks Moses <bmoses@google.com>2013-10-03 10:38:14 -0700
commit5f855e3598a576c35e54623a13b256f3e87fcd4d (patch)
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parentb7f2d27dbd85f6a0966dc389ad4f8205085b7ae8 (diff)
Fix erroneous (and circular) implied pattern rule for linkobj/libc.so.
[BZ #15915] As described in the bug, the pattern rule for lib%.so files in Makerules includes linkobj/libc.so as a dependency. However, the explicit rule for linkobj/libc.so is in the top-level Makefile. Thus, the subdirectory makefiles that include Makerules end up with an erroneous makefile pattern rule for linkobj/libc.so that includes itself as a dependency. The result is make warnings whenever rules for other .so files are resolved -- and, on occasion, actual makefile failures when a race condition causes the implicit rule to actually be used. This patch moves the explicit rules for linkobj/libc.so into Makerules to clear up this problem. It also elaborates a couple of comments that I'd initially found confusing.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 30 deletions
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index ba1820d2b25..302a300d489 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -123,36 +123,7 @@ lib-noranlib: subdir_lib
ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))
# Build the shared object from the PIC object library.
-lib: $(common-objpfx)libc.so
-lib: $(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc.so
-# Do not filter ld.so out of libc.so link.
-$(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc.so: link-libc-deps = # empty
-$(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc.so: $(elfobjdir)/soinit.os \
- $(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc_pic.a \
- $(elfobjdir)/sofini.os \
- $(elfobjdir)/interp.os \
- $(elfobjdir)/ld.so \
- $(shlib-lds)
- $(build-shlib)
-ifeq (,$(filter sunrpc,$(subdirs)))
-$(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc_pic.a: $(common-objpfx)libc_pic.a
- $(make-target-directory)
- ln -f $< $@
-$(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc_pic.a: $(common-objpfx)libc_pic.a \
- $(common-objpfx)sunrpc/librpc_compat_pic.a
- $(make-target-directory)
- (cd $(common-objpfx)linkobj; \
- $(AR) x ../libc_pic.a; \
- rm $$($(AR) t ../sunrpc/librpc_compat_pic.a | sed 's/^compat-//'); \
- $(AR) x ../sunrpc/librpc_compat_pic.a; \
- $(AR) cr libc_pic.a *.os; \
- rm *.os)
-endif # $(subdirs) contains sunrpc
+lib: $(common-objpfx)libc.so $(common-objpfx)linkobj/libc.so
endif # $(build-shared)