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authorArjun Shankar <arjun@redhat.com>2018-09-25 15:13:15 +0200
committerArjun Shankar <arjun@redhat.com>2018-09-25 15:13:15 +0200
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Clean up iconv/gconv_int.h for unnecessary declarations
The variables __gconv_path_elem, __gconv_max_path_elem_len and function __gconv_get_path declared in, as well as the type path_elem and macro GCONV_NCHAR_GOAL defined in gconv_int.h are all used in only one iconv compilation unit each. In addition, the extern declaration of the variable __gconv_nmodules refers to a variable that does not exist any more. Considering this, these symbols do not need to be exposed via a header file. This patch removes the extern declarations from the header file and moves the definitions to the compilation units where they are used.
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+2018-09-25 Arjun Shankar <arjun@redhat.com>
+ * iconv/gconv_int.h (__gconv_path_elem): Remove.
+ (__gconv_max_path_elem_len): Likewise.
+ (__gconv_nmodules): Likewise.
+ (__gconv_get_path): Likewise.
+ (path_elem): Move to ...
+ * iconv/gconv_conf.c: ... here.
+ (__gconv_get_path): Mark function static.
+ * iconv/gconv_int.h (GCONV_NCHAR_GOAL): Move to ...
+ * iconv/gconv_open.c: ... here.
2018-09-24 Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de>
* scripts/haveversions.awk: New file.