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Add manpages for isohybrid, memdiskfind
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+.TH isohybrid 1 "17 Jan 2014" "isohybrid"
+isohybrid \(em Post-process an ISO 9660 image generated with mkisofs or
+genisoimage to allow hybrid booting as a CD-ROM or as a hard disk.
+.B isohybrid
+.I <boot.iso>
+The \fBisohybrid\fR utility modifies a an ISO 9660 image generated with
+mkisofs, genisoimage, or compatible utilities, to be bootable as a CD-ROM or
+as a hard disk.
+\fB-h\fR \fI<X>\fR\fN
+Number of default geometry heads
+\fB-s\fR \fI<X>\fR
+Number of default geometry sectors
+\fB-e\fR \fI<X>\fR, \fB--entry\fR \fI<X>\fR
+Specify parititon entry number (1-4)
+\fB-o\fR \fI<X>\fR, \fB--offset\fR \fI<X>\fR
+Specify partition offset (default 0)
+\fB-t\fR \fI<X>\fR, \fB--type\fR \fI<X>\fR
+Specify MBR ID (default random)
+\fB-u\fR, \fB--uefi\fB
+Build EFI bootable image
+\fB-m\fR, \fB--mac\fB
+Add Apple File Protocol partition table support
+Assume we are laoded as disk ID 0
+Assume disk ID 0 if the Ctrl key is pressed
+Allow booting from within a partition
+\fB-?\fR, \fB--help\fR
+Display help
+\fB-v\fR, \fB--verbose\fR
+Display verbose output
+\fB-V\fR, \fB--version\fR
+Display version information
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+.TH memdiskfind 1 "17 Jan 2014" "memdiskfind"
+memdiskfind \(em Simple utility to find a resident \fBmemdisk\fR instance.
+.B memdiskfind
+The \fBmemdiskfind\fR utility searches memory for a \fBmemdisk\fR instance,
+and, if found, outputs the parameters needed to use the \fphram\fR driver in
+Linux to map it.