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* NEWS: iso9660 also had issues with ../ paths.syslinux-4.04-pre20H. Peter Anvin2011-04-041-1/+1
* NEWS: Handle .. support for VFATsyslinux-4.04-pre19H. Peter Anvin2011-04-041-0/+1
* NEWS: update the NEWS filesyslinux-4.04-pre18H. Peter Anvin2011-04-041-2/+11
* NEWS: Document isohdpfx*.bin available.H. Peter Anvin2011-03-161-0/+2
* NEWS: wrappingGene Cumm2011-03-091-6/+12
* NEWS: updateGene Cumm2011-03-091-0/+6
* NEWS: Updating LUA to 5.1.4-2lua/ Velu2011-02-071-0/+1
* NEWS: Updating for ACPI & HDT 0.4.1Erwan Velu2011-02-071-0/+3
* NEWS: Document MBR fix.syslinux-4.04-pre4H. Peter Anvin2010-12-231-0/+2
* NEWS: document fix for non-partitioned devices.syslinux-4.04-pre3H. Peter Anvin2010-12-141-0/+1
* NEWS: further updatessyslinux-4.04-pre2H. Peter Anvin2010-12-061-0/+3
* NEWS: Update for 4.04 as of 4.04-pre1Gene Cumm2010-12-031-0/+14
* NEWS: Update for 4.03H. Peter Anvin2010-10-121-0/+14
* win64: experimental Win64 installer (syslinux64.exe)syslinux-4.02H. Peter Anvin2010-07-211-0/+1
* NEWS: document IP byte order fix.syslinux-4.02-pre5H. Peter Anvin2010-07-191-0/+2
* dos: Use libinstaller option parserShao Miller2010-07-191-1/+1
* NEWS: mtools, win32 uses new CLIH. Peter Anvin2010-07-191-0/+2
* NEWS: document EDD->CHS fallback.syslinux-4.02-pre2H. Peter Anvin2010-07-161-0/+2
* NEWS: Try again for proper lua.c32 creditsH. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-2/+3
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://terminus.zytor.com/pub/git/syslinux/syslinuxH. Peter Anvin2010-07-151-1/+1
| * NEWS: correct credit for new Lua work.H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-1/+1
* | doc: Recommend NASM 2.07+H. Peter Anvin2010-07-121-1/+2
* | doc: NASM 2.03+ has been required since 4.00 at leastH. Peter Anvin2010-07-121-0/+1
* NEWS: updatesyslinux-4.02-pre1H. Peter Anvin2010-07-081-0/+7
* NEWS: add grubcfg= and whichsys.c32Gert Hulselmans2010-07-061-3/+3
* NEWS: add grubcfg= and whichsys.c32Gert Hulselmans2010-07-061-0/+4
* NEWS, version: now working on version 4.02H. Peter Anvin2010-07-021-0/+10
* NEWS: explain the memory overwrite bug a bit betterH. Peter Anvin2010-07-021-2/+2
* pxelinux: new IPAPPEND 4 to generate a SYSUUID= option.syslinux-4.01-pre3H. Peter Anvin2010-07-011-0/+4
* Merge branch 'lua'H. Peter Anvin2010-07-011-0/+1
| * NEWS: add lua.c32H. Peter Anvin2010-07-011-0/+1
* | NEWS: document memory overwrite fixH. Peter Anvin2010-07-011-0/+2
* ifplop.c32: Detect if PLoP USB/CD INT13h hook is enabled/disabledGert Hulselmans2010-07-011-0/+2
* NEWS: document changes to the CD-ROM initialization sequencesyslinux-4.01-pre1H. Peter Anvin2010-07-011-0/+3
* NEWS: beginning of a 4.01 NEWS fileH. Peter Anvin2010-06-291-0/+6
* NEWS: Document mdiskchk.com and eltorito.sys changesShao Miller2010-06-281-0/+8
* NEWS: document MENU IMMEDIATEH. Peter Anvin2010-06-281-0/+2
* NEWS: document isohybrid.cH. Peter Anvin2010-06-281-1/+3
* NEWS: document ifcpu*.c32 fixH. Peter Anvin2010-06-281-0/+1
* NEWS: Fixing HDT, adding ifcpu changesErwan Velu2010-06-281-1/+3
* NEWS: first cut of a NEWS file for 4.00H. Peter Anvin2010-06-281-3/+41
* chain: Support booting GPT partition by labelShao Miller2010-06-261-1/+1
* chain: Support booting GPT disk/partition by GUIDShao Miller2010-06-261-1/+1
* chain: Implement GPT hand-over protocol as documentedShao Miller2010-06-251-0/+1
* chain: Allow booting the Syslinux partition with "fs"Shao Miller2010-06-241-0/+1
* chain: A sprinkling of documentationShao Miller2010-06-241-0/+2
* NEWS: document mBFT fixsyslinux-3.86-pre4H. Peter Anvin2010-03-301-0/+1
* NEWS: document MEMDISK offset fixsyslinux-3.86-pre2H. Peter Anvin2010-03-301-0/+2
* NEWS: updateH. Peter Anvin2010-03-301-0/+7
* NEWS, version: update for 3.86syslinux-3.86-pre1H. Peter Anvin2010-03-051-0/+4