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* Fix running as a normal user (incorrect handling of "offset")hpa2000-06-301-1/+2
* Support running on a loopback device with an offset.syslinux-1.49-0x395288c7hpa2000-06-221-7/+27
* Add test for force where it countshpa1999-03-191-2/+2
* Add -f to override device checkhpa1999-03-171-2/+5
* Fix old kernel, OS/2, and mem= bugs. Ready for 1.36 release.syslinux-1.36hpa1998-04-151-5/+2
* Added the -s option to the installers, and made them do the right thing.hpa1998-04-141-9/+35
* Bug fix to syslinux.c; documentation updatehpa1998-02-201-2/+3
* FAT16 support!!!hpa1998-02-141-0/+6
* It seems to work now, but fd appears to be buggy???hpa1998-02-041-11/+20
* I think we're pretty much ready to rock!hpa1998-02-041-14/+180
* Yet more work on Linux installer, changed cleanup targetshpa1998-02-031-18/+24
* More work on Linux installerhpa1998-02-031-1/+177
* Skeleton of Linux installerhpa1998-02-031-0/+37