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* *** empty log message ***hpa1998-05-071-6/+8
* Update the DOS installers to use the new INT 25h/26h interface ifhpa1998-05-071-9/+51
* Cleanuphpa1998-04-141-4/+5
* Added the -s option to the installers, and made them do the right thing.hpa1998-04-141-1/+21
* Patch generator for the -s (stupid) option.hpa1998-04-141-0/+6
* FAT16 support!!!hpa1998-02-141-7/+0
* It seems to work now, but fd appears to be buggy???hpa1998-02-041-2/+2
* Okay, DOS loader seems OK now.hpa1998-02-041-19/+108
* Bug fixes; first beginnings of FAT16 supporthpa1998-02-031-6/+68
* Added TODO file; working on DOS installer program.hpa1998-02-021-0/+128