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* Make filename display correctly.hpa1999-09-271-33/+51
* Many fixes and bug workarounds for PXELINUX.hpa1999-09-271-57/+145
* memory_scan_* reports results in CF not ZFhpa1999-09-261-1/+1
* Add routines to scan memory for !PXE and PXENV+ structures, since somehpa1999-09-261-1/+99
* Work on getting PXELINUX to work on PXE boot PROMs derived from thehpa1999-09-261-7/+19
* Add final timeout for PXELINUX; better documentation; hopefullyhpa1999-09-211-85/+91
* Remove 'X' debug printouthpa1999-09-171-3/+0
* Add documentation for PXELINUX. Cleanup header in syslinux.doc.hpa1999-09-171-2/+2
* Initialize screen early; fix prefix code; clean up remaining debug stuffhpa1999-09-171-109/+69
* Hey, it looks like it might actually *work*. Still need the prefix code,hpa1999-09-171-75/+35
* Checkpoint: now boots; still doesn't parse the config file properly (or sohpa1999-09-171-122/+127
* Checkpoint. Now seems like it download the kernel, but something is nothpa1999-09-141-301/+476
* Checkpoint: parse tsize OACK packet.hpa1999-09-141-27/+66
* Checkpoint -- assume tsize option implemented on the TFTP server.hpa1999-09-111-7/+21
* Checkpoint - we are now talking TFTP natively instead of via the (broken)hpa1999-09-101-50/+387
* A few more structure definitions. Enough for now; this is painful as it is!hpa1999-09-061-10/+29
* Okay, we have established communications with PXE... and are capable ofhpa1999-09-061-273/+295
* * !PXE pointer is offset 26h, not 26, in PXENV+ structurehpa1999-09-061-1/+5
* Beginnings of a PXE network boot loader (PXELINUX).hpa1999-09-061-0/+3014