path: root/com32/lib/jpeg/tinyjpeg-internal.h
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* tinyjpeg: modify to handle partial image blocksH. Peter Anvin2009-08-051-1/+11
* tinyjpeg: set limit to 4096x4096 not 2048x2048H. Peter Anvin2009-08-051-2/+2
* tinyjpeg: update to revision 20070609H. Peter Anvin2009-08-051-8/+25
* Stealth whitespace cleanup (automated)H. Peter Anvin2007-03-141-7/+6
* Augment tinyjpeg so that we can decode straight into the buffer;H. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-0/+1
* Factor tinyjpeg out by colorspace, so we don't pull in everythingH. Peter Anvin2006-09-051-0/+79
* Add tiny JPEG decoder libraryH. Peter Anvin2006-09-011-0/+107