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* btrfs: use generic_load_configsyslinux-4.00-pre22H. Peter Anvin2010-02-151-16/+1
* fs: centralize symlink handlingH. Peter Anvin2010-02-153-79/+74
* fs: reference-count inodes, fix generic loadconfigH. Peter Anvin2010-02-1510-110/+106
* core: separate bcopyxx code and data; use linker-generated symbolsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-154-28/+39
* memmove: don't reverse copy if there is no overlapH. Peter Anvin2010-02-152-15/+25
* bootsect.inc: change 100000h -> free_high_memorysyslinux-4.00-pre21H. Peter Anvin2010-02-141-3/+3
* pxelinux: remove USE_PXE_PROVIDED_STACKH. Peter Anvin2010-02-141-20/+6
* sysdump: guard against a nonsensical month numberH. Peter Anvin2010-02-141-0/+7
* sysdump: don't force cpuid() to be inlinedH. Peter Anvin2010-02-141-2/+1
* Merge branch 'master' into pathbasedsyslinux-4.00-pre20H. Peter Anvin2010-02-1450-141/+4129
| * mtools: add MTOOLS_FAT_COMPATIBILITY=1H. Peter Anvin2010-02-131-2/+3
| * chain.c: part_info -> partinfosyslinux-3.85-pre11H. Peter Anvin2010-02-131-1/+1
| * NEWS: update for 3.85 releaseH. Peter Anvin2010-02-131-1/+16
| * chain.c32: add option to set hidden sectors; load boot sector for NTLDRH. Peter Anvin2010-02-131-66/+134
| * pxelinux: complete but disable debugging code, not for productionsyslinux-3.85-pre10H. Peter Anvin2010-02-121-5/+14
| * core: document the stack location, use STACK_TOP throughoutH. Peter Anvin2010-02-124-7/+12
| * pxelinux: move the stack to avoid AMI BIOS bugH. Peter Anvin2010-02-123-8/+24
| * vesa: for jpg or png images, tile the image across the screenH. Peter Anvin2010-02-081-9/+37
| * sysdump: quiet gcc warningH. Peter Anvin2010-02-081-1/+2
| * memdisk: make "nopass" type-specific, add "nopassany"H. Peter Anvin2010-02-081-4/+11
| * sysdump: use the same serial receive threshold as the coresyslinux-3.85-pre9H. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-1/+1
| * sysdump: make ymodem work even on a serial consoleH. Peter Anvin2010-02-073-13/+47
| * sysdump: don't include final null byte in version fileH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-1/+1
| * sysdump: ymodem: actually retransmit a block if we get NAKH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-2/+2
| * sysdump: actually make the new backend system worksyslinux-3.85-pre8H. Peter Anvin2010-02-077-57/+72
| * sysdump: change to a two-phase generate/output model, buffer in memoryH. Peter Anvin2010-02-0710-193/+183
| * sysdump: serial: add missing header fileH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-0/+1
| * sysdump: be_tftp.c: fix prototypeH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-1/+3
| * sysdump: *actually* generate the proper version stringH. Peter Anvin2010-02-072-4/+10
| * sysdump: handle the case of more than one DMI tableH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-4/+11
| * sysdump: record the sysdump version used to generate a bundleH. Peter Anvin2010-02-072-1/+15
| * sysdump: dump CPUID informationsyslinux-3.85-pre7H. Peter Anvin2010-02-073-0/+115
| * sysdump: remove unused variableH. Peter Anvin2010-02-071-1/+0
| * sysdump: be more explicit about what we are doingH. Peter Anvin2010-02-064-2/+9
| * sysdump: fix the dumping of the e820 memory informationH. Peter Anvin2010-02-061-0/+1
| * sysdump: fix hacking of the DMI structure addressH. Peter Anvin2010-02-061-7/+4
| * sysdump: dump memory map informationH. Peter Anvin2010-02-063-0/+82
| * sysdump: add PCI config space dumpingH. Peter Anvin2010-02-064-1/+72
| * sysdump: add support for dumping DMI tablesH. Peter Anvin2010-02-066-91/+136
| * sysdump: add back ymodem support; clean up memory dump structureH. Peter Anvin2010-02-0615-275/+325
| * sysdump: add missing return statement in cpio_writefile()H. Peter Anvin2010-02-061-0/+2
| * pxe: add missing prototype for pxe_dns()H. Peter Anvin2010-02-061-0/+1
| * sysdump: dump vesa modes, generate usable timestampsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-0612-15/+165
| * sysdump: first working version (can dump lowmem over TFTP)H. Peter Anvin2010-02-069-6/+389
| * com32: add library function for DNS lookupH. Peter Anvin2010-02-062-0/+71
| * syslinux/pxe.h use the same type as <com32.h> for a far pointerH. Peter Anvin2010-02-061-4/+2
| * pxelinux: give our own IP address in the "derivate info" API callH. Peter Anvin2010-02-063-1/+4
| * sysdump: port memdump to com32 with the intent of enhancing itH. Peter Anvin2010-02-0610-0/+2652
| * memdump: srecs need a length, and max 32 data bytesH. Peter Anvin2010-02-051-7/+2
| * memdump: allow outputting S-recordsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-058-26/+176