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@@ -921,3 +921,46 @@ AX=001Eh [3.74] Keyboard remapping table
version, the format code is always 1 and the length is always
256. This version can be updated simply by overwriting the version
in memory; this may not be true in the future.
+AX=001Fh [BETA-3.74+] Get current working directory
+ Input: AX 0001Eh
+ Output: ES:BX null-terminated directory name string
+ Returns the current working directory. For SYSLINUX, ISOLINUX,
+ and PXELINUX, this will be an absolute path. For EXTLINUX, it
+ currently returns "./".
+AX=0020h [BETA-3.74+] Open directory
+ Input: AX 001Fh
+ ES:SI /-null-terminated directory name
+ Output: SI directory handle
+ EAX clobbered
+ Open a directory for reading. Directory name must have a trailing
+ "/" before the null (otherwise, you're looking for a file)(This
+ may change as this is a BETA call).
+AX=0021h [BETA-3.74+] Read directory
+ Input: AX 0020h
+ SI directory handle
+ ES:DI buffer for file name
+ Output: DL Type of file
+ SI directory handle, or 0 if end of directory was reached
+ EAX Size of file
+ EBX Inode of file
+ Read one filename from the directory, incrementing the directory
+ structure at SI as appropriate, storing the filename into the buffer
+ at ES:DI, and returning the type of the file in DL, the file length
+ in EAX, the INode/file number in EBX and the updated directory handle.
+AX=0022h [BETA-3.74+] Close directory
+ Input: AX 001Fh
+ SI directory handle
+ Output SI 0
+ Closes a directory.